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Christmas Wax Melts

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Are you ready to fill your home with the most Christmasy scent you can find!
Our Holly Berry and Gingerbread wax melts are sure to fill your home with the beautiful aromas!

Holly Berry
A beautiful bland of holly berries and pomegranate with beautiful tart but sweet undertones

A beautiful blend of, Star Anise, Colve, Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmeg, Brown Sugar and Vanilla. All the aromas you create when backing those gingerbread cookies.

Made to order here at Rustic & Wild HQ Esperance WA, with a ranging of delicious scents to choose from. Each soy melt is hand poured and may contain slight imperfections.

Burn time: may vary depending on your burner used. We recommend remelting until fragrance is no longer dispersed. To Discard old wax melts from your burner we suggest placing the holder with the wax in the fridge/freezer until solid and to pop the wax out, to replace with a fresh melt.