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Mr Consistent - Stitch Up

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Serves 10 | 750ml

I repeat, this is not a stitch up! Don’t let the name fool you.. This delighted tropical treat will take you away to that exotic paradise you find yourself dreaming of! As a sours, this cocktail comes with a frothed top and is packed with Pineapple, Mandarin balanced with citrus for the perfect treat! 

My passion is to bring you great quality cocktail mixers to make it easy for you to shake up a storm with your friends, family or just speed up cocktail service at your venue!

Tasting Notes: 
A tropical balance of pineapple and mandarin sweetness with a punchy citrus blend.  The Stitch Up is considered a Sours and is served with a frothed head.

Best Paired With: 
White Rum or Coconut Rum

Garnish Recommendation: 
Mr. Consistent Cocktail Florals  or Mr. Consistent Dried Oranges

Don't forget, all of my mixers already come booze-free and can be served as a mocktail! Simply add 45ml of water to your Mr. Consistent cocktail for the booze-free option!