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Personalised Glitter Baubles | Traditional Collection

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Something a little different from the generic and something a little unique for Christmas traditions.

These gorgeous glitter baubles are custom made to order here at Rustic & Wild's Studio. 

Step 1: Write in the text box the name you'd like to have on the bauble.
Step 2: Select the font you'd like your name to be in [fonts are shown in gallery].
Step 3: Select from the Vinyl colours for your name text [vinyl colours are shown in gallery].
Step 4: Select the glitter colour of your choice [Glitters are shown in gallery].
Step 5: If you'd like to add extra text "First Christmas 2022" or "2022" to your bauble please use the check box, or leave unchecked if you do not wish to add them. [A specific font will be chosen for the extra text]
*If you're purchasing multiple baubles please use the same process for each individual bauble.


8cm diameter 

Shatterproof Plastic Bauble

*Includes personalisation and box.